Kneeling Needling: Acupuncture for Humanity — Gospel Isosceles

“Uh-oh.” “We all need to get back down on our knees,” preacher Raleigh implores the congregation as a chorus of ‘Amens’ arises from the dutiful. He had been illustrating the self-induced problems that we as a collective body, as a nation, and as individuals had made since getting up off our knees in a fever […]

via Kneeling Needling: Acupuncture for Humanity — Gospel Isosceles


5 thoughts on “Kneeling Needling: Acupuncture for Humanity — Gospel Isosceles

  1. Don’t know much about acupuncture, but I know a little about mathematical logic. There is a lot of support for your views about the danger of rigid views in logic. No expression in human language can convey a meaning that is absolutely precise and incapable of multiple interpretations, because meaning is a holographic activity of the hearer as well as the speaker, and involves the use of assumptions about the context of the utterance of the expression which differ from speaker to hearer and from moment to moment. Brain scans show that we change each other’s brains every time we utter something that they hear, ipso facto, they are a changed person, they now remember what we said, but inevitably interpret it differently. Meaning is a moving target, a dynamic product of an active relationship – a flow of energy. Speaking involves a constructive process that involves memory, imagery, semantic connections between words, grammar and a concrete or virtual social context. Even speakers don’t know exactly what they mean when they say something, in a certain tone of voice, at a certain point in a relationship etc, and, afortiori, hearers do not know what the speaker meant. Love your work!

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    1. Hi Inigo. Thank you for relating this to mathematical logic and seeing the danger to our health when we get stuck in things we’ve cemented. You understand very well how energy flows and how this flow relates to our health and connectedness. One can see this by your response here and by reading your contemplations on nature. Bless you, and, go get poked: I think you would appreciate acupuncture!

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  2. Love you for reblogging it. But does that change its meaning?Yes! It adds something. It says: this is something that someone thought was worth reblogging. Dynamic isn’t it?

    The internet couldn’t work if meaning was something fixed that you could get all dogmatic about.

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