For the Dreamer

Her Perfect Work

Imagine for a moment that an angel appears to you where you are right now. Shining in splendor. Clothed in fine linen. Postured in authority. The angel speaks, “Blessed one, the Lord of heaven and earth; the Lord who punishes the wicked but spares the righteous has sent this message concerning you. You will go forth from this place and minister to the ones I send you to. You will proclaim my sovereignty across the land and by my word you will bring peace to the troubled soul. Now go fourth, for I am with you, says the Lord.”

I believe that many of you would react to an encounter like that by bowing down in humility and bawling your eyes out {if not just indulge me for a moment} and then when the time was right you would go forward and do what the angel commanded you to. Whatever…

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