How do you hear from God?

Solas Veritas

My college and early career life was a series of transitions.  I don’t know that the transitions ever ended, but I found myself in an apartment with three other guys in southwest Portland while attending Portland State University.  After a year of that, I went to Multnomah University, or “Multnomah Bible College” as it was called when I first attended.  There was a midnight curfew, television hours, quiet hours, and a hundred other superfluous rules related to tattoos, piercings, language, and so on.  It was a transition year for the school as well, where they had only recently changed the rules to allow students currently attending Multnomah to dance.  The school, while I was there and since I left, continued to adjust their rules to accommodate the shifting demographic attending there.  It also captured a change in the alumni’s reason for support, and their numbers.  Those who believed dancing was…

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