How I first heard from God

Solas Veritas

It took nineteen years of Christianity before something spiritual actually happened.  There was no shortage of prayer, worship, and partaking the sacraments. However, I didn’t learn the S-word, the “sacrament” word until I was removed from the non-denominational church that raised me. These practices were like the tacitly accepted plot devices used in so many movies — the underwritten female characters, the fiery explosions in space, the guns with unlimited ammo. In the alternative church universe, as in movies, these tropes didn’t need to make sense for the story to move forward.  I grew up in a church that memorized scripture, lots of scripture, with a rewards system for those that participated and put in the extra effort to memorize more.  Turning it into a competition seemed to be one of many “the ends justify the means” systems on which we relied.  That’s not to say that scripture is bad…

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