Love across cultures.

Solas Veritas

I was never very good at feeling guilty, so the concept of “white guilt” was always for someone else who was responsible for something that happened somewhere else to someone else.  It was an entirely “other”-ly concept, stemming in no small part in the way that I was raised.  It played out in small ways, like the times I was told, “You should do this” or “you need to do that.” My deeply ingrained response was, I actually don’t have to do shit. In obligation, I managed to identify an extra step of choice. That is, I choose to be obligated to a person or some community commitment. There was no automatic compassion. Simply, my selfishness was exposed and entrenched early on, justified, and equally hard to move. When I heard about the Native Americans’ plight throughout American history, ongoing, my elementary school self could not connect that these…

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