On Homosexuality and “Sexual Sin”

Solas Veritas

I want to offer my solution to the problem of how Christians respond to homosexuality (and really any sexual sin).  Very simply put: If you are convinced that X thing is a sin, we have an unlimited supply of grace and love available through Jesus.  You are able to show grace to the “sinner” and the rest is up to God.  That’s pretty much it.

I want to refute several of the dividing lines drawn on the Christian side.  I can’t speak for the “other side,” in part because I believe there are no sides to this.  For one, there’s this idea of ‘lifestyle sin.’  Show me where in the Bible where it differentiates or categorizes lifestyle sin versus other kinds of sin.  It doesn’t.  It just doesn’t.  The idea of ‘lifestyle sin’ is a relatively modern invention.  Because an idea or phrase is relatively new in the history of…

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