Easy way to make simple animations

Good for Me

Animations can be a solution to explain things clearly and convey your message faster. But it is a demanding job to do ir properly and if you don’y have the skills and the rights tools…. well, you won’t go much further. So, when searching for easy ways to make animations I came across this platform called Moovly. It enables you to create simple animation with some given images and scenarios. It may be somehow time consuming in the beginning but if you follow the tutorial and give it some time you will nail it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.45.12 PMI made a small animation for introducing my thesis defence, it is simple but it is what I needed. The platform provides some images but it also enables you to upload others if you wish. There are some effects available, like those hands coming up to place an object. You can also add music and…

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