Words Of Strength & How They Apply To Writing

Dan Alatorre


Nothing has more strength than dire necessity. Euripides 

How that applies to writing:

You can hire a bunch of people to do things for you. Editing, beta reading, book covers, formatting, paperback formatting, you name it.

And in the process, you can spend $5000 and not sell a book.


you could be like most of us and say, “I don’t have five grand to waste. I’d better do the shit myself.”

And out of dire necessity, you learn.

Then if you decide to write a check to somebody, you will be able to hold them accountable – because you know how to do that task.

Ultimately, the dire necessity is you must find time to write. If that means getting up at four in the morning, commit to it like nothing else or it will not get done. That is your dire necessity.

If you live to write, act…

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