Lost Keys

Everything has changed

Your future has been exchanged

I’m really gonna miss

your deranged abyss


If you knew my feelings

nights screaming to the ceilings

have you ever thought that

leaving you will turn me into sand


One day you will find your One Key

the one that fits to your Insanity

our Song will never be played by the Heavens

it was destined to be heard from the Deaf Ravens


Turn around and face me once more

do it before you enter that Door

once you lose your precious Keys

you forget to unlock and start to freeze…


© Athina Tsoukana




– The Dark Tear –

The Dark Tear waits for nobody

it lives inside your broken body

in another lifetime perhaps

you will learn to avoid the traps


Your fear made you hate everyone

we both know how you love to run

keeping it all to your abandoned self

wanting it that way, lowering oneself


You fight with illusions and lies

scared to love and reach the skies

you will die a slave of your mentality

when you fear the Light, you loath Morality


In your pursuit of a bigger Ego Trip

you absolutely forgot to get a Grip

The Dark Tear has gotten you for good

and now there is nothing you can do…


– I wish I was never misunderstood –


© Athina Tsoukana








*Creative Veins of The Heart*

I only want to live inside your broken heart

your perfect veins keep beating and look like art

you don’t know how much I miss the waves inside your eyes

I want to swim so freely deep inside them without cries


I can still feel that you’re here with me

I’m so afraid that it doesn’t matter ’cause you took your sea

your sacred dives never learned to leave me before

now I only dance by myself inside my mind’s unpaved floor


Keep leaving me behind… I don’t mind if you don’t

but I’m sure that you know that my heart was born to sit on a Throne 

I’m sorry that I killed your fears by loving you so truly

I’m never gonna say goodbye to the dream living inside and you loving love so poorly…

it’s because you’re scared that I’m only gonna leave like all the others ghosts

and all I will ever have of our unborn dream is these forsaken posts


© Athina Tsoukana








Dedicated to a friend

He wants to escape this world for good

He’s sick and tired of being misunderstood

everyone is a wannabe judge nowadays

desperately wanting to get their own ways


When you’re on edge for days in a row

wondering how you’re gonna make it tomorrow 

never lose infinite hope and sight of a higher meaning

always remember that is your precious soul that needs cleaning


Insecure people will always want to see you fail

convinced that you’re strong but they don’t know your tale

let them keep wondering what makes you so wonderful to know

let them be their own selves and allow yourself to grow 


Friendship is this Earth’s dreamy Paradise

not being aware of how unaware we both are

when it comes to matters of the heart never think twice

follow your intuition and instinct and everything will turn out nice


© Athina Tsoukana













Fragile thoughts

Mind gone bad from all the enemies within

she used to be a joyful kid and not AT ALL mean

she was my very best friend before she caved in

and decided to go play with all kinds of sin


Her parents never cared for her anyway

she only wanted them to let her play

never in a million years she used to say

would she ever let them get in her way


The years went by and no one knew

what my trusted friend could ever do

the saddest future she wrote it well

and now she’s headed into hell


Don’t choose the darkness over YOUR light

never give up hope and all that is right

your fragile thoughts should not delight

your heart is stronger than any FIGHT!


© Athina Tsoukana

(ART by Anthony Clarkson)



Searching for love

love remains hidden

building up walls

avoiding to be beaten


All of us her slaves

making her Queen

we should blame ourselves

for making us mean


Lack of love turns us into dust

among crowds but yet alone

wearing our invisible cast

so as not to moan…


Destiny awaits and wants us to fall…! (in love)


© Athina Tsoukana 







Φλόγες καίνε την καρδιά μας 

φλόγες και τα όνειρα μας

φλόγες τυλίγουν τις ψυχές μας

τρόμο αφήνουν στις ζωές μας


Πως να σωθούμε

τι να πούμε

τίποτα δεν έμεινε

απ το να χαθούμε


Το Νερό η Σωτηρία

της Ζωής μας η Πηγή

της ψυχής μας η Αρχή

Στο Τέρμα του μυαλού μας

φέγγει Φλόγα Φωτεινή

 Αίνιγμα είναι θαρρώ

 των ανθρώπων το Γιατί!


 Σπίρτο είναι η Ζωή

 φλόγα θέλει για ν’ ανάψει

 πριν καεί ολότελα 

και το σβήσει το Νερό…

στον αέρα πια πλανιέται…


Άκου… σφυρίζει σαν παιδί.


© Athina Tsoukana











The Wolf inside the Moon

You want to read a story

a story about a young wolf

living inside the Moon

with a heart bulletproof


Wolf’s story is not for you

it’s for the ones who can control

control the pain and whatnot

feeding the mind with one’s blood


The Moon is the home the wolf runs to

there is no another place like that

boiling silver to feed the Star

adoration and salutation to the One


Perhaps it’s the Moon that lives inside

abandoned tears are running wild

they want to hide all fears with pride

the Wolf and the Moon can never diemoonwolf

© Athina Tsoukana






– Χωρίς Xρώμα –

Χωρίς Xρώμα τον Ουρανό

δεν θέλω να τον ξέρω

μόνο με Χρώμα ζω

με Χρώμα ανασαίνω


Η θάλασσα είναι αθάνατη

και η Γη μας μελλοθάνατη

μόνο το Χρώμα είναι ικανό

να την ξαναγεννήσει 


Συγκεντρωθείτε τα παιδιά

με τις καρδιές γεμάτες

δώστε Χρώμα και Zωή 

στις ανθρώπινες  σάρκες 


Το Χρώμα είναι Aόρατο

αυτός που θα το δει

σίγουρα θα έχει

Χρώμα στην ψυχή του

Χρώμα και στη Ζωή του 137

© Athina Tsoukana